Nothing beats Sydney on a perfect day.

I lived in Sydney for just over four years, and in many ways it feels as much 'home' as the place I grew up - Brisbane.

I was born in Gosford, which is an hour's drive north of Sydney, on the Central Coast. The Coast shares Sydney's beautiful coastal scenery - cilffs falling into the water, the expanse of the Tasman Sea and lovely golden beaches. I also have family on the Central Coast, so I never felt far from home when I lived in Sydney.

But back to this picture. This is the Sydney Opera House. The lovely green water you see in the foreground is the Sydney Harbour. This photo was taken from a ferry, which travels up the harbour, onto the Parramatta River (which is simply the harbour, renamed*), to the city of Parramatta (which is really just a suburb of Sydney*).

The perfect blue sky, the beautiful green water, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Words can't do it justice, so I just won't try.

*In my thoughts


tonypark said...

I can't lie... it really is a nice city and this is a great time of year to be here.

I spend half the year in Africa, but Sydney will always be home. Afraid to say, I'm leaving in a few minutes for Manly beach.


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Tony. I'm jealous. I'd love for it to be warm enough to consider going outside, and to a beach to boot...

Tracey said...

Miss Moi, it's stunning. I've always thought that was a beautiful image of the opera house over the water. I know City Boy would love to visit, but personally, the rest of us here are just a little unnerved by the snakes and other poisionous creatures that appear to inhabit the landscape (although I wouldn't mind checking the wild horses out!)

Leonie said...

Interesting to know.

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