A no brainer photo, really

In September 2006, Mr Moi and I stopped in London on our way to Kyiv. We visited the British Museum, which neither of us had visited before, and played with our, then, very new camera.

The weather was absolutely wonderful for autumn, and in this photo, the sun is shining into the atrium. From the viewing balcony above, this photo is a real no brainer. In fact, I think they set up this hall, and etched these words into the ground, so people like me can feel like a decent photographer.

I particularly love the long shadows in this picture, because it lends gravity to the words of Tennyson on the ground. The black and white adds to the overall effect.

I took a lot of photos on this day at the British Museum but I like this one the best. It's just a cool pic, really.

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enid said...

enid loves it too.

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