Perfect place for a picnic

In September 2006, Mr Moi and I spent a month driving around France. It was a little hair-raising for the first week or so, as we're Australian, which means we drive on the left side of the road. In France they drive on the right.

As a result of my fear, I encouraged Mr Moi to deviate from the main roads as much as possible. So we could 'enjoy the countryside', but really, so I didn't get any grey hairs.

That's how we found this picnic spot in Normandy. Driving along one day, we wanted to stop and have lunch. At a small town, we found a lane and decided to follow it, and we came across one single table by a creek, and on the other side of the road was this lovely green hill.

It's a total country-side picturesque. I was enchanted - the grass doesn't get this green in the places I've lived in Australia.

There were a couple of fat dairy cows watching us eat our lunch. It was great.

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